Undervoltage Warning (Navio 2 / Pi 3B / Power module )

I’m using the power module that comes with the Navio 2 and it keep showing low voltage warning with a 5000mah 3s 35c lipo ( the battery is healthy ). The warning start showing when the voltage for each cell is as high as 3.8-9 v. Been reading there is hardware problem about the power module for pi4. Can’t figure out is that the pi probem or Navio power problem.

Thank you very much.

I can confirm it is the hardware issuse of the power module. When power from offical power supply from Pi, running the command ‘‘vcgencmd get_throttled’’, returned throttled=0x0.
Please fix this Emlid as the power module is desgin for the pi. Now I am worry the Navio will get damaged.

Hi Billy,

This is a system warning showing that the used power source isn’t an appropriate one for RPi. It doesn’t explicitly indicate the issue with the power module. Have you had the under-voltage message from the very beginning of the usage of the power module?

Do I get right that the under-voltage warning doesn’t appear when you’re using another power source?

The one safe way to check if the power module is OK is to check the voltage on its pins with a multimeter. Thus the Navio2 power wire voltage should be within the 4.8 - 5.3 V range.

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