Undelivered Reach RS2 Receivers

Reach RS2 Factory
I paid for an order for a pair of receivers on February 12 to my local distributor.
I was told that because of the Coronavirus outbreak in China the factory had to cease production until the end of the month (of February).
Now that March is here, I re-engaged the local distributor but I am yet to hear any developments.
I have searched the Emlid community and I see no mention of the factories ceasing production.
Am I the only one that has been fed this story?
Is it for real?
Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi Adrian,

We indeed had a slight production delay due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now we are back on track and we expect to have a Reach RS2 stock pretty soon. In regards to your order, may I ask you to email us on info@emlid.com its details? Our Sales will be able to provide you with more information on delivery time.

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Yes, it’s affecting all electronics industries. Even Apple is hit by the effects of the virus.


Thanks for the response
I will ascertain this from the local dealer and fwd the info by email

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