Unable to upload data using Reachview app

Hello y’all
I’m having a little bit of trouble when trying to upload data using the Reachview app.
As a matter of fact, I just can’t do it through the app - only when in hotspot mode, and through the web browser, using Reach’s IP.

When I click on the “Drop file to upload or click” area (unnecessarily marked with the red circle), nothing happens.

I’m using ReachView version 2.16.2.

What device and OS are you using?

Sorry, forgot about that info.

Amazon Fire HD 8 (8th generation)
Fire OS 6

Same problem with my Samsung Galaxy J5, Android 6.0.1.

That is an Android based system right? If so, there is a long list of posts with this being an issue. I am sure they are working on it, but yours might be a flavor that could have even further issues than the base Android.

So just use a web browser like Chrome anyways for now using each of your receivers ip address.

This way you can have as many browser pages for all your receivers to toggle through.

A web browser on a PC or Mac right? He mentioned on the tablet OS.

I can do that to obtain the data, but it doesn’t solve my issue.

Yes, I can upload on my tablet using the web browser, no problems.

Yes, you are right.
I believe that I edited my post after your answer, had the same issue with an Android 6.0.1.

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I have seen posts dated back to the beginning of 2018 about various problems with Android so you might do a little hunting to see if there have been any successes. Connecting to the software, configuring the receiver when connected and importing/exporting have all been posted many times.

I’ll try to find some other topics, thank you.

I have the same problem from the app, I have to do it from the PC

To me it just seems like a silly workflow anyways. Connect with my iPad and send myself an email or save to my OneDrive… Or connect with my laptop and save to my OneDrive unzipped?

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Sorry mate, English is not my first language. What do you mean by “silly workflow”?

I do all my PPK, drone and CAD work on a laptop so I am not sure why I would use a mobile device. Even iOS isn’t perfect. Sometime it doesn’t connect correctly, sometimes the emails take forever to come through once I have switched from the hotspot to my cellular data or another WiFi and sometimes it fails to save to my OneDrive. Just a personal experience.

I see your point.
As a personal experience, it’s almost impossible for us surveyors to use a laptop. Imagine carrying around a 2m pole, with an equipment at the top, through rough terrain. A mobile device is way (waaaay) easier to transport.

I survey as well and totally agree, but I usually don’t download the files until I am done. Although I should say that I don’t use Reachview for real survey work so most of it is done on an FC-500 data collector, but I am transitioning to an 8-inch Windows tablet so the workflow will become even more seamless. Targus has an Otterbox-type case. I’ve had the tablet for over 5 years and it is still 2-3 times the machine than any of these mobile devices.

This is a known bug that will be fixed in the next release.
Thanks for noticing :slightly_smiling_face:


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