Unable to tag drone images

Emlid Studio Version 1.6

Hi there,
I encounter a problem trying to tag corrected data to pictures. Emlid studio detected 671 images but my folder consists of 672 images. Because of this i am unable to tag and update exif files.

It is much appreciated if you could take a look the problem. Or Help to tag the images if possible.

Below is a link to my data and files.

Look forward to hearing you soon. Thank you

What kind of shot trigger-mechanism are you running?

This could be auto or manual (might have mistakenly selected). Nonetheless, is there a way to fix it?

Do you use a hotshoe or a light sensor for triggering the event in the GNSS receiver?
What drone are you flying?

I use DJI M300 RTK with Zenmuse L1 as a payload. Wondering is there a way to fix this?

Alright, then we can likely rule out hardware problems.

You can try removing the first or the last trigger event in the mrk-file. If the event is positioned within the sequence, it is much harder to identify though :S

Hi @pixventuresplt.dji,

I’ve checked your folder and found that it contains 671 images. The reason is that the numbering starts from image 0002 and not from 0001:

Files with DJI_20230628150830_0001 in the name aren’t images.

So Emlid Studio should geotag this folder correctly when you remove these odd files.

I checked the images and found a duplicate image of _305. I then crossed check with .mrk file and confirmed that the duplicate was not recorded in .mrk file & deleted it. Once deleted, the tagging went smoothly.

I did not delete the 1st or the last image (it seems to be a simple way out) as i do not know how emlid’s algorithm tags images.

Hi @pixventuresplt.dji,

Indeed, I’ve also found that the 305 image was duplicated. Good to know that you’ve sorted it out!

Regarding the algorithm, Emlid Studio sorts the images by creation date and tags them chronologically.

if i were to delete either the 1st or the last image, would emlid studio still able to tag the images correctly in this case?

Hi @pixventuresplt.dji,

If the photos’ number matches the events’ number, Emlid Studio will geotag them. But I’m not sure if this would be correct because it doesn’t matter what image you’ll delete: the main thing is the total number of photos. So the same set of coordinates can be applied to different sets of images.

Thank you very much for your clarification.