Unable to control my brushless motor through modifying the ROS

Hi, I got an issue that I don’t know how to add a ROS node or modify existing Mavros Node to send four PWM signals through PWM 1-4. I am using Flysky FS-I6S 10ch 2.4G AFHDS 2A RC Transmitter Control w/ FS-iA6B Receiver for my Drone Quadcopter. And I am using Mission Planner to configure my drone. Right now I only can read the RCIN signal and send it to my Servo Output when I shake the joystick. But four PWMs should vary upon pitch, yaw, row and throttle not directly from those four inputs. I am not sure I can configure it in mission planner, so I change my strategy to create a node to subscribe the RCin from mission planner and upon the input to output (publish) my RCout signal, and let my servo output listen to my RCout. But I dont know how to do it or where I can add a ROS node or and how to link my node to mavros topic

Hi Chris,

Have you checked ROS docs on this matter? There are guides on how to create and compile new nodes, add them to list and setup topic subscription. Although, please, take into account, that in our Raspbian distribution ROS Kinetic is used.

Thanks for you suggestions. I have couple questions, we cannot edit mavros node right? we just use the topic published from the mavros node and create our own package and nodes to subscribe from mavros node and publish four motors’ pwms? I am not sure if I publish my own topic, will mission planner’s servo output configuration page will exist my topic name??? so that I can select my topic from the list. What I want to do here is to create my own pwm signal to the servo output, can I approach that ? or we just let our own node subscribe from the mavros node’s topic and publish the pwm signal by configuring the pwm pin? But it seems that I can only select the pwm output from the servo output page, cannot publish my pwm signal internally

Hi Chris,

I believe it’d be better to reach out with these questions to the ROS forum as these questions are ROS specific. I’m afraid we can’t be of much help here, and you’ll more likely get much more certain answers and recommendations there.

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