Unable to connect to Reach M+

I have a Reach M+ (RCH102). I followed the setup instructions (https://docs.emlid.com/reachm-plus/common/quickstart/first-setup/) through to the “Updating Reachview step”, but now I am unable to connect to the device. When it is plugged in the orange led is solid, but the blue and green leds are off. On my phone, I can see the reach:xx:xx network, but ReachView is unable to connect to it (neither when my phone is on the reach network or when I am on the local wifi), so I don’t have any firmware information etc.

Thanks for the advice!

Is it connected to another wifi like home or work? How about connected to antenna and some sky?

It was connected to a hotspot wifi from a phone (a different phone from the one I had ReachView on, which was connected to the same hotspot during setup). It is not connected to an antenna, but I did take it outside with no change.

Make sure hotspot is off when powering on. Try connecting to antenna and take back outside.

I haven’t received my antenna yet (it is on order), so I can’t test with the antenna at the moment.

It seems like I should still be able to connect to the M+ using ReachView without the antenna though, right? Would flashing the firmware be the next step?

I find my hotpsot is intermittent if the device cannot correctly set the time from the GNSS data.

Hi @jetolan,

Could you clarify what is the LED status when the Reach creates a hotspot?

When the unit is plugged in, the Orange LED light is solidly lit. There is no change in LED lighting until the unit is unplugged.


May I ask you to reflash your Reach device? Please, follow this guide to accomplish it and let me know what will be the LED status after the reflashing procedure.

Thanks, I will reflash the device and update here with the results.
Is there, by any chance, a beta Mac OS X firmware tool I could try out? I see it mentioned as coming soon.

Hi Jamie,

At the moment, we don’t have a flasher version for Mac OS X.

Please keep us posted!

Hi Jamie,

Have you already had the chance to try to reflash the device?

Yes, reflashing the firmware fixed the device.

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