Unable to calibrate Radio Control

Hi everyone,

I am seeking for help. I built my drone and nearly everything is OK. I am trying to perform the last steps to complete my project and I am unable to calibrate my radio conltroller. It seems OK and I can see that the channels are reactive in APM Planner 2 (V2.0.20 on Mac)

The application tells me that the RC is not calibrated but each time I try to calibrate it says : Radio control is not active or turned on.
I am using a Futaba T6J with receiver R2008SB.

Did someone solved this problem?


Did you try if it works with Mission Planner? If it does, it might be an issue with APM Planner.

i always used APM to calibrate my radio, the only difference i can see it that im using Jeti and not Futaba
sometimes i read that a serial connection would be better for calibration purpose, but i think last time i did
it over udp as well.
sadly there is no Mission Planner for mac so you either have a windows pc , bootcamp or virtual machine.
you could try QGroundControl too, works for me as well

do you have something configured on failsafe ?

you got all 8 channels connected ? or does it has only 6 ? i dont know that remote

check out this post:

Thanks Ivereninov,
I will try that with a virtual Windows computer. This is a good idea.
I will let you know if I succeeded.

Thanks sicherlich_nicht,

I will try Mission Planner in a virtual Windows computer. I will post feedback.

I did not configure failsafe yet and my controller is 6 channel.
Shall I configure the failsafe before calibrating my controller? Does it change anything?

nope configure failsafe at the very end if you need to
first the radio. APM probably waiting for 8 channels, since only 6 are available it thinks
there is something wrong with the missing 2
MissionPlanner doesnt have that problem afaik
or try QGroundControl for mac if its not working with MissionPlanner on the VM

I managed to calibrate with Mission Planer, thanks for the hint. Unfortunately I had some difficulties with this software.
On the other hand QGroundControl helped me a lot and works perfectly!
I discovered I have an issue with my battery, I still have work to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot !