Unable to calibrate ESC on Navio2

Hello all,

I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I am having troubles trying to get my ESCs to arm properly with Mission Planner. Here is my setup.

Transmitter: Flysky FS-I6X
Receiver: FS-iA10B
ESC: FPVDron 2-4s 30A SimonK w/ BEC 2A
Mission Planner 1.3.63

I have the Navio connected to the USB power adapter and Lipo plugged in.
The PPM (channel 1) of the receiver has jumpers to the Navio PPM.
All 4 ESCs are connect on channel 1 to 4. Only 1 ESC (channel 1) has the RED line connected. All other ESC have the power line removed. Also, I did successfully complete the Radio Calibrartion.

  1. Turn on flysky transmitter.
  2. Open mission planner and connect to Navio via UDP. I have already completed the Radio calibration and I set the mode to “Stabalize”.

Navio LED blinking blue at this point
Message tab reads following:
Frame: QUAD
ArduCopter V3.6.5 (b5f637fc)

  1. Click on the “Initial Setup” button
  2. Click on >>Mandatory Hardware
  3. Click on “ESC Calibration”
  4. There is a “Calibrate ESCs” button. I click on this and follow the instructions. I have the throttle stick UP.
    a) Disconnect USB.
    b) Disconnect Lipo.
    c) Wait a second and plug in Lipo.

At this point, I see the navio bootup via LED geen status. And the ESCs come up making a few beeping sounds.
But at this point the LED status on the Navio cycles between red, green, yellow and blue. I believe this status is the Arm failure but I am not sure what is causing this. I even tried this video but no success.

I even went through other threads of individuals who had similar issues. If anyone can suggest or help guide me past this newbie part, I would greatly appreciate it.

So, I was able to individually calibrate each ESC by using only the receiver (FS-IA10B) and the receiver (FS-I16X). I had to switch the RX output to PWM and ensure that channel 3 was the throttle. I was able to calibrate each ESC. I can now throttle the stick from low to high and drive the motor (spin).

However, when I reconnect everything back to the Navio (described above) - my motors will not respond to the throttle stick. I switched the transmitter RX output mode back PPM and verified with Mission Planner that the channels are responsive (via Radio Calibration).

Now, if I go to Mission Planner’s Motor Test (Initial Setup => Mandatory Hardware => Motor Test), I can drive each motor.

So, is my problem with the FlySky transmitter and receiver that I have? Is it not compatible with Navio2?

Well. Everything is working correctly. I just simply had to arm the motor.


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