Unable to acquire float/fix after 2.73 update

I’m having trouble getting anything but single since the last firmware update. Everything was fine before, and now, no matter what I do, I can’t get a fix. Same configurations, locations, etc. I’ve tried every darn setting I can, reset to defaults, etc. Nada. If I connect the base to a CORS, I can sometimes get a fix, sometimes just float. But, I can’t have internet connection in the current field situation, and besides, it should get a fix without additional correction. Prior to this update, I had little trouble (once I got everything tuned up).

I realize this is one of those general issues, but this is costing me money, and I don’t know what else to try.

Is this one time incident or repetively over days?
Could you share base/rover log to process?


Did all this start after upgrading from v2.7.2?

I’ll get together the logs; thanks.

Yes, after the upgrade. Prior to that, everything was going swimmingly.

Well, the last update changed nothing in the positioning engine, moreover, it was a slight interface change, nothing more. What is your average SNR level?

I figured there wasn’t anything major, since other folks weren’t having issue that I saw on the forum. My average SNR is better than 30 consistently.

I’ll go out and set things to default and collect logs. It’s raining here now, so, it will be a little later today. Thank you guys for trying to lend a hand. I genuinely appreciate it.

I ran it for about a half hour, all settings at default, with the unit about 8 feet up on a tripod and a decent sky view.

drive-download-20170816T163512Z-001.zip (4.0 MB)

Hopefully, this is what you’re asking for. Again, many thanks.

Sorry, it seems there is only one set of files there. Need some sort of correction file to process anything other then singel.

I’ll try again. I downloaded the four files that were available, or so I thought. Which file is missing?

The refrence file from CORS. If you enabled logging for correction data/base, it should there.
Zip contained 4 files. 2 raw files from rover ( 2 different time periods) and 2 solutions files. Solutions files are processed files from reach, not for post processing

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I guess I’m misunderstanding something. My issue is not getting anything but single when not connected to a CORS. So, there’s no CORS correction. I ran the base for six hours Friday, with close to ideal conditions, and never got a fix. My apologies if I’m missing something here.

Are you looking for a way to show real time correction data that will give to real time cm accuracy or do you need to do it later with post processing?
Im not that familiar with coors, but can you download historical data?
I assume you have login info to cors, and when you are setup reach to recive correction you can see grey bars in the status window? If so, reach is getting them and by enabling raw logging and correction data logging, you should everything needed. You just need correct settings to get fix

I’m trying to get a fix without CORS. If I am connected to CORS for real-time correction, everything seems okay on the base. However, without CORS, I can’t get a fix except for single. I need the base to achieve fix, so I have decent accuracy while in the field. I have tried every setting I can come up, following the suggestions folks have given in the forum, and, using the exact same settings that I used with success before the update. No matter what I try, I can’t get a fix.


I think you would need a base and a rover if you are not using cors.

Hi Jim, I am using a base and rover. The base will not get a fix.

Ok I do not think the base will ever get fix but he rover should.

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