Unable to achieve fix with MANUAL co-ord base

Setup an RS over a survey point today and entered the co-ords and elevation/antenna height into the base. Setup the Base to output GPS and BDS at 18kbps 10db.

Setup rover to receive corrections on GPS and BDS and only enabled GPS and BDS in the RTK menu. SNR was 30 for base and rover and elevation mask was 15.

Base and rover both had 15+ sats with SNR over 30.

Rover had a fix for half a second a few times but very rarely.

Am I missing something?

Most common cause is a typo in the base coordinates.
for a quick test set the base to take a 5 minute average of single fix and then start transmitting the corrections.
Watch the bar move across and at the end it sets the base coords. At this point (or in about the 15 seconds after) the rover starts receiving valid corrections. If not…
Check you have turned on the message that sends the base position :wink:

Still no joy using the averaging. I have a feeling it could be related to the height (Z) value we are entering into the manual base co ordinates. We are entering AHD (Aust Height Datum) and I think Reach only uses Ellipsoid. There is only a difference of around 300mm but this is likely preventing a FIX?

Reach uses ellipsoid, that is correct. Try that and see if if gives you better fix

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