Unable to acces to internet on RPI [SOLVED]


I got the problem that I am unable to acces internet through our ethernet cable. The cable is plugged in the main internet source and connected to the RPI.

When I connect this cable on the same way as discribed above and plug it in a pc I have internet acces.

The strange thing is that the RPI can see the ehternet cable and shows his IP addres with ifconfig, but I cant ping it.

Because of this I am not able to download : wget ‘http://files.emlid.com/apm/apm.deb’ -O apm.deb.

Someone knows how to fix this or knows another way to get the file on the rpi and instal it?


Are you sure that your Linux image is running at all?
In order to make sure, connect a screen to the HDMI port and check what is going on.

Thnx for the reply but I already succeed in connecting to the internet.

The problem was that I had a static connection with a router wich didn’t had acces to the internet. This probably causes the problem that i couldn’t connect to the ethernet. I made it manual again and after that I could connect with the ethernet cable to internet.