UK - what coordinate system and virtical datum should i collect using for a basestation

hi all,

i am in the uk, i am new the this whole setup. i am using 2x reach rs2. one as a rover to collect a known point, the other as a basestation for my RTK drone.

the question is,
what coordinate system should i collect my datum in to then enter into the basestation?
I have been using WGS 84 / UTM zone 30N + ODN height.
not sure if this is correct now.

is there anyone that can advise what works?

when creating a new project on the reach, there is a note: ‘make sure your base or NTRIP is in ETRS89’. does this mean i should be collecting the datum in ETRS89?

Anything that is in DMS/DEG and Elipsoid height will do for entering into RV.

Yes, which in turn means that your Base Coordinate should derived in ETRS89 (either by using a known point already in this system, or transforming to ETRS89 from whatever system you have your coordinates in (i.e. ITRS14 from NRCAN PPP)

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Hi Clive,

We’re communicating with you over email, and I have a little bit more context. But I’ll post the answer here for anyone who wonders about the same things.

Christian is right that any geographic coordinates can be used for the base. In the UK, ETRS89 is required. And we have a guide about coordinate systems in the United Kingdom. So, you need to recollect or transform your point.

By the way, to understand the datum of geographic coordinates displayed in ReachView 3, check the name of a coordinate system before the slash. For example, if you survey in WGS 84 / UTM zone 30N, geographic coordinates in ReachView 3 are in WGS84.

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