UDP connection help neeeded

I am trying to connect navio+/raspi2 via UDP with apmplanner2 or misison planner (via mono) in Ubuntu 14.04.

I am able to connect a pixhawk (3dr) and pixhawk (clone) to both AP2 and MP via standard 3dr radio and RFD900 no problem. I tried recompiling AP2 and reinstalling MP w/ mono, no change after reinstall/recompile. I used netcat to test udp ports from both the raspi side and my laptop running GCS, all were open. I added the correct permissions in Ubuntu to allow access to modems and dial out.

I am totally bufuzzled! I normally use UDP in MP (windows) to connect to navio+, this works every time .

If you guys have any suggestions, ideas, things that worked for you, I would really love to hear them. Thanks in advance!

Maybe the broadcast script on the Navio/Pi side might help, that I just posted a copy of here:

Otherwise somebody else should answer if you think it is a Ubuntu specific issue. I suppose it could be a firewall on Ubuntu, because the GCS is receiving data from the drone I guess it needs that port opened. On Windows it would have popped-up a user dialog asking to allow the port automatically. Of course on Linux these are the things which are usually manual effort, editing some file of sorts or obscure command to open the port. Maybe Ubuntu has a nice GUI for it, or you can find one in their App store.

There should be something about that on the APM Planner 2 web site.

Just sorted this out. Thanks for the response. It was actually in my router that I use to connect to the navio in the field. User error! :slight_smile: