UBLOX LEA-6T Connetions


My name is Marcelo and

I want to know if the RTCM-104 in LEA-6T for RTKLIB frames are sent by standard serial port or has an auxiliary serial port. I am evaluating the possibility of using REACH to test a DGPS (transmit with LEA-6T (fix) and receive with LEA-6T (movile)).

I observe in connector pinout of REACH:

GPIO46, GPIO77: How to pin the LEA-6T they are connected? what are they used for?
TX and RX: Is standard port of LEA-6T?
SCL and SDA: Is I2c of MPU chip? Is connected to LEA-6T or is read by software in PC?
PWM For what do you use it? I is connected to a LEA-6T pin? I understand function of PWM in this module.


Is it possible to send frames within an LEA-6T to another LEA-6T?


Hi! We have no LEA-6T in Reach, we use NEO-M8T and it is not accessible directly on the connector. It is connected to the processor module.

Hi mikhailavkhimenia

Tanks for your reply. Is very interesant module. What accuracy is obtained with this system?

You may find the numbers in this thread: