UAV flight with missing image trigger events

Hi, I did a whole bunch of UAV flights yesterday, they all worked well. But upon processing I have found that the last flight has no trigger events, so there must have been an issue with the hotshoe.

Is there any way I can sync up the pixhawk trigger request log with the emlid m+ ppk log to get accurate image locations?


Hi @hairyape1,

What’s the GNSS selection and update rate on your Reach M+ receiver?
You can check it in the RTK Settings tab.

Hi, I can check later but im very confident that its not the m+ at fault. I used to have an issure with the m+ missing a few image trigger events on each flight But this was due to the constellation slection and update rate. Im sure this was just a bad connection to the hot shoe… What would be alogical way to align the pixhawk log and m+?

Do you run a battery to the M+? Or does it have another power source? I had a battery die once which causes this to happen. It is easy to turn “off” everything and not realize the lights were off… I know it seems elementary, but it is easy to do.

No it runs off the UAV power.
There is a log file on the M+ but just no trigger events.

I just need to understand how i can syns the pixhawk log with the emlid one to get some roughly accurate data :smile:

When I have had this happen in the past I used the full track, located an image that was on a turn or other recognizable feature on the flight path and sync’d the GPS data in Geosetter to get the baseline. You can get really close depending on the availability of a good point/image, but I also use GCP’s so they adjust for any error caused by a slight misalignment.

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I have a similar problem and I’m working on a script which writes the cam messages from the Arducopter flight logs (.bin files) into the Reach RINEX file or interpolates the position from the .pos track file.

It is not yet ready but might be finished at the end of the comming week.

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