UART Serial Connection Purpose?

Is a UART connection required for mavros to stream data when it is echoed? I followed the docs and when I run the mavros node, I am not getting the yellow and red error messages like I should. I am using the correct gcs ip adress. I know that the data exists because the gcs is working on mission planner and the example imu stream python script provided works as well. I cannot figure out why the mavros node isn’t echoing data. It seems to not be connecting though the node is running. I tried changing the stream rate and I have read all of the previous threads on the topic. The only thing I think I am missing is the UART device that connects to the navio2 (I am also using RPI3). When I try to echo the topic it just sits there… I didn’t think this additional equipment was necessary but then again I have no idea what purpose it serves.

I found my problem. The documentation for connecting to a gcs is completely different than connecting mavros to the gcs. The two steps do not build on each other which was very confusing to me especially since the documentation for connecting to mavros says to do one thing and then shows an image for another (ie sudo nano /etc/default/arducopter shows an image of the text editor for /etc/default/ardupilot. I was finally able to connect mavros to my gcs and echo the imu data. The mavros documentation should be updated for that step. I noticed someone else had a similar problem about one year ago.

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