U-blox F9P can't be connected to Internet

My Ublox F9P reciever can reciev RTK corrections via Internet and my wifi as a rover, but set up as base i Ublox U-center, I dont get to Internet! Ublox NTRIP caster say ip adress 192,xxx and thats onle the internal wifi IP-adress, even though I wrote the Emlid 153.xx adress. The Internetadress is 213.xxx.!

How to get through the wifi router and out on the fiber and Internet?

You need to change Firewall and NAT’ing settings. How depends on your make-model of router, but it isn’t rocket science :smiley:


McAffe seems to make it possible with twoway communication with the Ublox F9P as a rover! That must be rocket sience! The other way does not work!

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