U-blox configuration and positioning systems

Hello, I have been wondering the optimal settings for the two basic options, i.e., u-blox configuration and positioning systems for both rover and base setup. I’ve been trying with either GPS_5Hz and GPS_GLONASS_5Hz, from my personal experience, it seems like with both GPS and GLO it gets better sate signals but not easy for a fix; it’s on the contrary with the GPS only config. I wonder, what should I select to get the optimal accuracy? Assuming the location is rather ideal (on the top of hill with no obstacles), many thanks for the help,

That’s what i also observed. The many Glonass-bars look impressive, but don’t help to get the fix. I had the impression that using just GPS with the 10Hz cmd-file is the best solution. GLO could not be used for Integer AR when rover- and base-receiver are different, but @igor.vereninov said that it makes sense to enable GLO also in this case because it helps in some situations.

i use gps&glo5hz in reach - but i did switch glo mode to off in advanced settings…

hi, many thanks for sharing your experience, yes it was the case, I wonder if @igor.vereninov could provide some details about the reason behind? I really doubt if it’s necessary to select GPS/GLO if the location is ideal… also, is there any rules worth noting about the positioning systems on rover? many thanks in advance,

thanks for the tip, does that help?

i did not made good experience with getting fixes with glo mode to on in advacend setttings.