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Types of Surveying vs Aerial Mapping

(Michael Lambert) #1

(Christian Grüner) #2

Nice write-up!

(Michael Lambert) #3

Thanks. I can’t take all the credit. The majority of the descriptions were from another article, but a few of them were a little skewed and thin on detail. I run into this all the time where either people are putting themselves or their businesses in jeopardy and others are just scared to death of it. Especially with drones. Whenever I bring a new layout crew on board I always have to explain the difference to them for fear that they are going to mess with control when localizing or setting site benchmarks.

(Christian Grüner) #4

I would be more strict, which of course would limit my potential income, but keeping away from anything that requires me to guarantee absolute precision (being a non-surveyor)

(Michael Lambert) #5

I would do the same, but in our industry +/- 0.10ft is required by contract. We build that well so very rarely does it come into question, but in a sense we are “guaranteeing” our accuracy. This comes along with instrument calibration records as well. If it comes down to it we have a Civil Engineer on staff.

(Christian Grüner) #6

I have always wondered how one would go about calibrating a GNSS receiver?
I mean, if the antenna is off-center, you have to add in a direction for the correction as well, making it very cumbersome to use.

(Michael Lambert) #7

The spec applies most to robotic total stations, auto-levels and lasers. The calibration for GPS is based on a certified total station and if necessary is done by a certified technician. In our case that is a Topcon dealer. That would be a topic of concern bringing Emlid into the fleet, but I do not think they would ever be in scenarios where the calibration records were required. Oh, and with the GPS calibrations are either super easy like replacing an antenna or extremely bad like replacing a board or board component. There are only three companies (Samsung, Dell and Apple) that we have done work for that require a certificate for GPS, but most the time we use robotics there anyway so whatever…