Two rovers working simultaneously on the same project

Hello y’all,
Tomorrow my crew will be working on the same plot of land with two rovers, via NTRIP. Is it possible to both of them work on the same project, on the Emlid Flow App? Of course, each one in their device.

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There shouldn’t be any problem with that. I have run a rover and a drone at the same time without issue.


Yes, I have done this without issue. And, if both rovers are using the same project and syncing, then you can also view the other rover’s points in real time for enhanced field collaboration.


I’d like to point out how good this is because Topcon and Trimble can’t even do that kind of collaboration without a separate healthy license fee…


Hi guys,

Sorry for the late comments.

We don’t recommend working with several devices in a single account at the same time. Otherwise, the data may not synchronize properly. So it can make the app’s behavior unpredictable.

However, we have plans to add teamwork features so that you can sync and manage the data from different accounts. I see that it may come in handy for you. And I’ll note your requests for it.


This is of interest to us as we will be giving rx units and rs2 to paving foreman to record paving areas and it will require us to use a single account to sync

The only problem I can foresee is if the individuals are using the same numbers and naming conventions and/or they are changing existing data. If each user is just collecting data in designated a block (100’s v 200’s or 1000’s v 2000’s) then there shouldn’t be any issues. The real issue is are you using the free version or the paid version of the software? Then it becomes a problem.



Sorry for the late reply, but I went to the field and ran some tests. You can work with both rovers on the same project, but one device will interfere on the other. Let me try to explain and keep in my mind that english is not my native language. Here’s my workflow:

  • Two operators, each one with a rover and an android device. Both connected via NTRIP;

  • Let’s call them Operator A and Operator B;

  • For this example, Operator A will collect only street curbs points, will use Point Name from 1 to 100 and only the letter “A” for Description;

  • Operator B will collect only fences, walls and lots divisons. Point Name will be from 200 to 300, and will only use the Letter “B” as Description;

  • The moment Operator A collects a point, starting on the number 1, the next point will be 2, and 3, and 4… and the letter “A” as Description will remain the same;

  • On the Operator B device, instead of the number 200, it will change to the number Operator A is using, and it will also change the Description to “A”, the last description used by Operator A.

  • If Operator B change the point name to 200, the Description to “B” and collect a point, it will change also on the Operator “A” device. Then, Operator A will have to rename both Point Name and Description once again. And once again, will interfere on Operator B device.


Good report ,thats what i was thinking it would do

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Hi @jamieta1,

Sure, I see. Will it work for you to export and merge the data from 2 accounts after the survey? As I see it, it may be a current solution for you.

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@rsurveyor1, thank you for sharing the results.

Yes, it also happens because of the account sync. Good that the data synced well in your case. But still, using 2 devices simultaneously makes this process unpredictable. So we don’t recommend it.


What if two device are just staking points that are already in the project?


Done it and had no issues.

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Hey guys,

I’m glad that it worked fine. But I still wouldn’t recommend working with 2 devices simultaneously in a single account in any workflow.

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