Two Navio for Sale

I have a Navio+ and accessories (power module, gps, but I’ll have to see if I can find the cord pack still) and a Navio2 with similar items (gps, power module, etc) that I would like to sell
Both have seen some light use, maybe about three flights each.

$175 each. I’m located in Idaho.

I am interested to hear more. You still have them?

yes, i have both still. and lots of other equipment as well. If you’d like we can go to email. Mine is nrbelk@gmail,com. Or sticking to this post is fine as well.

What questions do you have? I am happy to answer any.

It also worked out that one person i have buying the third Navio I have is fine with the used one. So the navio2 is brand new in its original packaging, at the same price.

Still up for grabs

I am open to offers.

I would prefer to sell these to someone on here rather than posting them on ebay. If you’re slightly interested, feel free to contact me haha.

Sigh, just tell me how much you’d buy them for both haha. Split them with a friend or something…

how does $300 for both, shipped, sound? This would be the lightly used navio+ and the brand new navio2. It includes the GPS module for each, power module for each, cable bundle for the navio2 and all the cables I can find from the navio+.

So I’m pretty sure I just fried my Navio2, not getting any output on SERVO1. Are you interested in only selling one of them, or do they both needs to be sold as a package?

I would prefer to sell them both at the same time to save on shipping and stuff. But I’m not opposed to splitting them up either but if I did, I’d probably have to charge a bit more for the navio2… Send me a private message and we can work something out. Also, I’m located in the states and I don’t really know how to ship international (if you’re in a different country).

Both are still available.

$300 shipped for both if within USA.

Still for sale. I am open to reasonable offers.