Two M2s, one GPS Antenna / Lora Radio

So I have a set up that requires two M2s. Each will have their own Lora radio being fed corrections from an RS2. What I am curious to know is, can I run an sma y splitter and only use one gps antenna for both M2s? Could I split the harness out of the Lora radio and feed that data into both M2s vs. buying separate Lora radios for the M2s?

You should be able to, but why would you need two receivers reporting the exact same location? Redundancy?

It’s connected to a LiDAR laser and the second to a mirror less camera. Each system uses a different UART protocol.


Hi @Seth.Z,

We didn’t have to test two Reach M2 with SMA splitter between them. So, I can’t be totally sure. However, I also can’t find any apparent reasons why it might not work.

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