Two Emlid RS units for sale, 400$ for both devices

I’m selling two units of RS since we have upgraded our equipment with RS2+. Working fine and have not been used in quite some time.

Price for both devices is 400USD + shipping. Included is the receiver, box for each receiver, antenna and tripod screw thread converters.

Contact me if you are interested.


@Tryggvi Just a FYI:
There’s a commercial push/pull/drag offer for these kind of units here.
(Canadian dollars)


Interesting thanks for letting me know. Might consider this although not sure I would like to buy the newest one right now.

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Interested to this item, if you still sell this!
Your contact please

Hi @rippou34 yes still available, welcome to send me an email at tryggvi(at) for further discussion.

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A bump for the OP,

and also a bump for the person who contacted us about the trade-in offer we mentioned in post #2

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Recued price, only 300$ for both units! Contact me if you are interested!


Do these work and function properly? Is there anything wrong with them? And where are you located ?

I don’t need them, but that’s the best deal ever seen here… practically giving them away.


@timd1971 is right. If takins doesn’t buy them today, I will. Please contact me directly.
(website in profile)

I noticed your email address in the post above; I will contact you.
(please check your spam/junk folder if my email hasn’t landed in your inbox)


I’ll message you once I hear from him. I’d like to purchase them if they work normal with no issues.

Hi great that everyone likes the reduced pricing, I have been trying to sell them for quite some time now and just happy if I can get something back from the units. @takins when I started selling them like 2 months ago they were working fine at least, was able to connect to both devices and charge the batteries.

The units are located in Iceland, you can also contact me directly at to finish the payment and shipping. Where do I need to send it so I can estimate the shipping cost?

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Thank you for the reply but I actually made a purchase last night so I’ll have to pass.

Alright, how about you @ceith you still interested in the devices?
Drop me an email if you are interested!

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For Sale: Two Emlid Reach RS GNSS Receivers


  • Two (2) used Emlid Reach RS GNSS receivers.
  • Working condition.
  • Upgraded equipment to RS2+ models.
  • Not used for a significant period.


  • Two (2) Reach RS receivers.
  • Two (2) storage boxes.
  • Two (2) antennas.
  • Two (2) tripod screw thread converters.


  • $400 USD for both devices.
  • Shipping cost not included.


Please contact me if interested.

Additional Information:

  • Please note that the advertised price is for both devices together.
  • The shipping cost will depend on your location.
  • I am open to offers.
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So competition in selling the Emlid Reach @warnersmith323 I like that! I still have much lower prices though :slight_smile:

Please be in touch if anyone is interested in buying the two units!


Wow, that wasn’t very nice to HIJACK @Tryggvi post :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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hehe yes it is, hope this will just not get people confused looking at this thread :slight_smile:


responded to @Tryggvi by email

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