Twilio IOT Sim Cards

Previously I tried a hologram simcard in the RS2 and that didn’t work. Now I am trying the Twilio IOT Super Sim Card. I’ve entered the APN details in. The Upper right corner shows the mobile carrier name and signal but under the mobile data section, when I click on for the APN, it does not do anything. Am I doing something wrong?

Although I don’t have an RS2, I not sure 4G will work. Info from main page

Reach RS2 features a power-efficient 3.5G HSPA modem with 2G fallback and global coverage. Now corrections can be accessed or broadcasted over NTRIP independently, without relying on an Internet connection on your phone.

Yeah I mistakenly put 4g but it does have 3g available. So that isn’t my problem.

Hi Seth,

Do I get it right that this SIM is supporting the M2M functions? If yes, do you configure it as a usual SIM card?

Reach RS2 does not support the M2M SIM cards yet, that is why they need to be configured as standard SIM cards for normal operation.

How does one do this? I tried setting the APN details for the carrier the sim is using vs the IOT companies APN and that didn’t work.


Any chance you can check if the ordinary SIM card works? Just to be sure that the absence of a connection depends on the SIM card. As far as I see, both Hologram and Twilio provide only M2M SIMs.

With some M2M SIM cards, you can enable the standard SIM card mode with the help of the provider. Such configuration may vary from carrier to carrier, that is why we can’t be much of a help with the Twilio in particular.

It does work with a sim card from a carrier directly vs hologram or twilio. This sim is a regular sim in that you can do voice and data. The only difference is that twilio provides is the availability of two cellular providers vs just one. This gives us the ability to have the best cellular coverage depending on which of the two has a stronger signal at the given moment. Not having access to use a sim like this is a great disadvantage to the Emlid user.


We are working on adding support for M2M SIM cards. There’s no ETA for this, but I can let you know once this feature will be released.

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Please try to bump it on the priority list. I believe once they are accepted user worldwide would start using this more often.


Would be nice to know when/if a new hardware variant was in the works… so many things like some better tech to filter out multipath, handle canopy much better, tilt technology, triple frequency tracking [L5] capability, and many more.

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