Tutorial on how to send corrections using a SIM card?

Anyone can point me to a complete step by step tutorial on sending/receiving corrections using a SIM card? Emlid docs section seems to lack an in-depth step by step tutorial showing entire process from start to rover receiving corrections via cellular transmissions.

The sim card has to have data and once you have your Ntrip credentials all set up you should receive corrections

It’s important to notice that the RS2 modem only works up to 3.5g.

Hi Juan,

Please, explore our Video guide to learn how to install a SIM card and enable the Internet connection. To make that process a bit easier, I’ve prepared a step-by-step description for you.

To start using a SIM card, you need to:

  • Install the card into Reach RS2

  • Power up the receiver and connect to it via the ReachView app

  • Wait until Reach finishes loading your SIM сard

  • If the SIM сard requires a PIN code, type it into the pop-up field

  • Enter the APN, if your provider requires one

  • Go to the Mobile data tab and turn on the mobile data

After these steps, you should see the connection type and bars next to the battery icon. They show that the connection works fine.

You may follow the guides in our docs to configure your Reach RS2 for correction input and output via the Internet connection:

You can also take a look at our separate Working with NTRIP service guide, which David mentioned.


Thank you for the links. I was looking at RTK2Go.com and read on How to get banned page. It says that the speed of corrections should be not faster than 1 hz. Does this also apply to the ARP option on Reachview that has a default value of 0.1 Hz? Should I change this to 1 Hz before connecting to RTK2Go? Thanks.

Hi Juan,

Please note that 1 Hz value shows that the data transmits once per second. 0.1 Hz stands for once in 10 seconds, so the speed is lower and there should be no issues with RTK2go.

Thanks for the clarification. I thought it was the other way around.

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