Tutorial on GPS data for use in Georeferencing Drone Data

Hi everyone,

I’m searching for a tutorial on how to process GPS data collected in the field (i.e data from both the base and rover), and then export the output for use in improving the accuracy of my drone product. I’m also looking for a way to practice with the data used in the tutorial. Can anyone suggest any resources that meet my requirements?

Thank you.

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This may help. More specific to DroneDeploy but good theory which applies to just about all processing solutions.


Great. I’ll take a look

Hi @Edudzi,

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What kind of drone are you using? Would you like to geotag the images taken with your drone?

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@ kornel.nemeti
I use DJI Phantom 4.

I’d like to geotag the images

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Hi @Edudzi,

I see. With Emlid Studio, you can geotag your drone images following this guide or this tutorial video.

We can hardly provide such a dataset for you. But if you have all the necessary files from your survey, you’re good to proceed with the geotagging. These files are the following:

  • RINEX files from your base and your drone

  • MRK file from your drone

  • the set of images from your drone

If you have any questions during the post-processing, feel free to ask here, and I’ll help you with them.