Turnigy 9x

Can someone please give a quick and simple tutorial on how to use the turnigy 9x controller?

I tried the radio calibration system on the Mission Planner and was only able to move 4 channels: yaw, throttle, roll, and pitch. How do I move the other channels? What are the other switches for? How do I change my flight mode?

Also, I had to invert the roll channel, but now my calibration is wrong and I can never achieve the roll maximum value. How do I reset the radio calibration?


By default only the main channels are configured in the 9X. That means the sticks are assigned to channels 1 to 4, because this is the same for all models. You have to assign the rest of the channels to the potis/switches you need.
I never used the 9X with the original firmware. I flashed mine to er9x and later opentx, so I can’t help you with the actual settings and where to find them.

If you want to use 6 flightmodes, you will have to program a mixer using a 2pos and a 3pos switch together.

You do not have to reset the RC calibration. If you are using MissionPlanner, just complete the calibration, leave the RC calibration page, open the page again and redo the calibration.

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