Turn off itself

Hello friends. My reach RS turn off itself. The battery is about 90%. several times my rtk has turned itself off within a few minutes of turning on.
Anu body could help me, please? Is there any solutions?
Thank you.

Hi @dicky,

When did it start? Have you noticed anything unusual before that?

Does it work when connected to a power supply? If so, please generate the Full system report and send it to support@emlid.com. I’ll catch it there and examine.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko thank you for your respons. I don’t see any unusual things before. It’s just turned on and I used it for base, and suddenly it off, and happened repeatedly.
How to generate full system report?
Thank you

Got you. Here’s the tutorial about the Full system report: How to download Full system report | Reach RS/RS+

Please don’t post post it publically as it may contain sensitive info.

Hi @svetlana.nikolenko , how to post the file privately?

Hi @dicky,

Please email us at support@emlid.com with this file.

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