Tuffwing components confustion


I am tentatively playing with the idea of building a Tuffwing fixed-wing UAV, using PixHawk.
I am trying to understand the hardware required for integration with my Reach (and how much that would cost!)

Will it be enough to buy this:
1: "Reach hot shoe cable "

or would I also, additionally need this
2: "Tuffwing hot shoe precision geotag cable"
and/or this
3: “Sony Nex 5 hot shoe adapter”

Sorry, I know this is probably obvious to anyone who knows what these parts actually do… but I’m not there yet!
So thanks for any clarifications you can offer!


Whether this is enough depends on your setup.

These cables enable Reach to record the camera events. In practice this means that whenever your camera takes a photo, it will be noted in your Reach’s raw log. Later you can post-process the logs with events and get precise coordinates of your photos.

I am almost done building a skywalker 1900mm, with Pixhawk 2.1 with standard here gps, plus Reach.

I am around $900-$1100 so far.(plane, main electronics, servos, dx8, rfd900s, batteries, and all the misc pieces and parts included)…I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

I still need to purchase a camera and lense.(waiting for multiple test flights before I strap a camera in).

I’m trying to stay under $1500 total…just because.


Ah, the Skywalker 1900mm looks like an interesting alternative to the Tuffwing. Especially as it also seems to stay just below 2kg, which is important here in Germany.
Is it easy to get a decent camera into it, pointing downwards for NADIR rather than in a FPV position?

Yep the skywalker 1900mm T-tail.

I’ve been searching and looking at the Sony a6000. I will need to shave a small bit on the inside of the fuselage to fit it in landscape mode(according to the a6000 specs and my measurements). I have found them for around $340’ish, and then another $60-100 for the 16mm pancake lense. And then the hotshot/Reach cable and it’ll be complete.

Event 38 sells a camera(Sony R10C - same as the 3dr SiteScan camera) and a piggyback computer kit that has its own mount that fits in nicely, but it’s around $1500 just for that packaged kit, ouch!

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