Trying to get a fix again

So I once again I am trying to get our two Reach RS units (base and Rover) talk to each other for to get RTK solutions for placing Ground control.

However I have a couple of questions.

  1. How do I download the logs from an iOS device? When I click on the down load icon I am told that the file is downloading, then that has completed the download… But where does it go? I can not find the file on my iPhone 8 Plus??? I am having to connect through my computer when back at the office to download the log files.

  2. Just because I have tried this about 5 times in the past and have never successfully achieved and been able to record a position “FIX” can someone please list all the settings I need on both the rover and base.

I will be setting up the base over a known position.

I will be operating on the West Coast of Australia so constellations I think I need would be GPS, Glonass, BeiDou with may be SBAS and Galileo.

Settings so far are as follows (on the base)

And on the rover

Previously I have had plenty of green bars but have never maintained fix for more than a second or so.


  1. Are using the iOS app? Or just Safari? It should work as a standard share menu on the iPhone. If the files are big, the dialog usually takes some time to show up(not more than 5 seconds though).

  2. This is worth investigating.

First off, the newer software versions have a new “System report” feature. It’s built to share settings for this exact kind of problems.

Second, I feel it’s important that you describe the environment you tried working in. Just as a reminder, here’s our antenna placement guide. As a rule of thumb, we suggest to at least have 5 green satellites on the rover.

Third, did you have the corrections coming in? Were there the grey bars on status screen? The correction input screen on the rover has a detailed status dropdown, which lets you confirm you are indeed receiving all the right messages at the right frequencies.


This is like the 3rd time I have tried to do this, plus my collegues have as well. we have posted the logs from various site setup many times.

Yes of course we had view of the sky. we were in a location we have used many times with out topcon GPS a system that actually gives us RTK results as promised. Something that the reach RS has not yet done.

Please answer the Question and tell me what settings to actually use so we can actually use this. Remember we want real time RTK FIX solution. The base will be set up over a SSM and the rover will be used to record ground points. with in 1km of the base.

in answer to your other questions> I am using the iOS EMILD VEIW APP. the “standard share menu” does not come up hence my question about where the data is being saved. AS per my last message, I click download icon, the blue bar comes up to show data downloading, a green bar appears saying download complete… No Idea where it has downloaded to???

I will be out again today to see if I can once more get a result… once again your help has been outstanding… I still do not know if the settings I have been using are correct.

Hi @steve.ARV, you settings look good now, I can only suggest to lower the mask angle on the rover. Our default is 15 degrees, 25 is quite radical and you are cutting good sats from the solution. Also, there is no need to send 1107 SBAS message as SBAS sats are already contained in GPS 1002 RTCM3 message. I know that it might be confusing, we will make it more clear in the future.

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