Trying to create an efficient way to obtain points over a large area

Awesome project! Thanks for sharing, Bruce!

Hi everyone.
I want share my work.
I work doing contorur curves for crop irrigation.
The equipment is screwed to the basket of my vehicle and I have never had problems, even when the terrains are very irregular
In this way I have already survey more than 1000 ha.
I hope to contribute to the topic.


Great idea and wonderful picture! I too regularly run my Rover on my vehicle. I use a magnetic base quick-mount.
How did you effectively measure the axis?

The adapter was placed in the center of the vehicle and the height was taken with the same ReachRS, when it is loaded and ready to begin the journey.
Although the movements of the suspension can add up to a couple of centimeters of error, in practice, it does not significantly affect the precision of the contour lines for irrigation.


Agreed, I had to break out the plumb-bob!

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