Troubleshooting "Waiting for corrections"

Hi everyone.

I have two Emlid Reach RS2.
I am trying to get a connection between them using Ntrip.
I have used them for some days, it worked fine no problem, now suddenly they cant seem to find corrections.
Anyone experience similar problems and have a good way of troubleshooting the issue?

@RKN , there are many different things that could be affecting this, so troubleshooting with little information won’t get us far.

If the project is small enough, and descent line of site, have you considered LoRA between the two instead? Or are both of these Rovers?

If it must be via NTRIP, how is each device connected to the internet? Is the Mount Point currently offline perhaps? Is there anything else you can describe about your configuration?


Hi @RKN,

Please tell me more about your setup.

  • Are you using Emlid Caster to communicate between the base and the rover? If so, do you see the base and the rover online on the Emlid Caster page?
  • How are the devices connected to the internet? Please check if both the rover and the base are connected to the internet.
  • What firmware versions are installed on your Reach devices?

Also, please send the Full System Report privately to as this report contains sensitive information. Thank you!