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Hi, guys!

I have changed my smartphone to Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and I experience some troubles with the ReachView app. I am connecting Reach RS+ to the smartphone via hotspot (I enable it on my smartphone). I see, that Reach RS+ is connected, and I can access it through the browser (by entering Reach RS+ ip address), but in the ReachView app I don’t see my device.

Has anyone experienced the same issues?

I have had the same problem. But I can not say for certain that it has occured on the latest firmware. But the fact is the behavior is identical whether using the app or using the browser with IP address so while it was frustrating, I just used the browser. I have a Pixel 2 XL, ipad Mini 4, and Nexus 7 2013. I think that problem occurred on my Pixel 2 XL.

Maybe it is connected with the Android version? I was using Redmi Note 4 before, and everything was smooth. Also, colleagues of mine used CAT S40, Blackview BV9000 and Samsung Xcover 4. Everything is fine there. And with iPhone everything is fine.

Hi @jurijs.jeshkins,

I think that you’ve the same issue as in this thread.

Exactly! Thanks for the update. Will be waiting for the new version!

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Here is a video that demonstrates the problem. It is on my Pixel 2 XL running android 9. I was only able to connect to the Reach RS via browser AFTER I turned off mobile data.

This short video demonstrates the problem

This is similar to my problem. You couldn’t open the ReachView in browser not because your mobile data was on, but because Chrome was trying to search it in Google (as it usually does). Try to specify, that it is, not just

I did open it in Chrome using the IP in the video. But it would not open using the IP address until I disabled the mobile data. That is also in the video.

Sorry. I just saw that you included the http:// ahead of the IP in your post . I will test that later and see how it does

Jurijs, I did a test and the http:// did not make any difference. It behaved the same. The bottom line is it would not connect until mobile data was turned off. I am sure emlid has honed in on the problem and will fix it soon.

Here is a video showing me using the http://

Return to editingReachView error on Android 9 Video 2

It is strange, because I can access Reach with mobile data on, but I do not connect Reach’s WiFi spot. I am making my own on the smartphone, since I want Reach to use my internet for RTK corrections.

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