Troubles with getting a fix when entering base coordinates manually

The link below is a good tool for converting to and from L/L/H, SPC, UTM, etc because you can import and export multiple points at once instead of doing one by one.

I too have a RS2 survey kit and am having trouble getting a fix when changing base station to manual mode. When switching to manual mode in LLH Or XYZ, the base and rover are working together but no fix.

Are you sure your manual mode base coordinates are close to your actual base position? Not getting a fix is one of the symptoms of having an too offset base position.

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@wizprod Yes the manual coordinates I am entering are very close to the saem position of the survey monument. I also verified with hand held GPS units that. On the Rover Status, I have lots of gray bars accompanying the green and orange bars.

What are other symptoms for not getting fix? I have no problem getting a fix and collecting data points when using average single for base mode.

Can you provide us Dx, Dy and Dz? (difference between the coordinates of the base entered manually and those of the average single).

Hi @adam.nako,

May I ask you to share the following logs recorded when the issue occurred?

  1. Raw data log from the base

  2. Raw data log from the rover

  3. Position log from the base

  4. Simple system report

Thank you!

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