Trouble with pre-paid SIM card in RS2 over seas

Hi. I am currently in The Bahamas. We are attempting to use an ‘Aliv’ pre-paid monthly sim card with an RS2 unit. Specifically, we would like the NTRIP service to work. The unit seems to work once the card is installed, but only temporarily. We tried setting the APN to the recommended but the connection keeps cycling out and dropping the corrections. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

I found this reference. Maybe this is still the case?

Are you sure the sim-card an/or subscription service is roaming enabled?

Hi. The Sim card is a local branded card that was purchased here, so I believe it is ready for the network out here.


If your SIM card is M2M, it is supported by RS2 since Reach Firmware 27. You can check this section of docs to find out how to configure it.

If your firmware is outdated, please update it with the help of our guide.

Also please check if your SIM card supports 2G or 3G. Reach’s modem operates in these networks.

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