Trouble with Lefebure Ntrip?

I’m using this software so software running on my android phone can access the gnss location. I’ve got corrections coming from my RS2 via RF900 radios which are working great. On my iPhone, my M2 in Reach View3 shows a solid fix. The Lefebure ntrip message window shows sats used and correction type “fix”. But every minute of so I’ll get random message “stopped network” and “position type unknown”. And with my Iphone in Reach View I’m still showing fix… The software that’s accessing the Android position is showing it dropping in and out. I’ve followed the proper setup in the Emlid documents. Ideas? I have to be back at work in about 7 hours lol!

Hi Shaun!

Sorry for responding late!
Do you still experience described issues?
What is the model of your Android phone and Android version? What is the name of the app?

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