Trouble shooting a crash, but not sure what I'm looking at

I’m hoping that someone might have the time and be willing to take a look at the attached log file.

I have to admit that I have no idea as to what I’m looking at, but I believe that motor #3 either lost power or couldn’t keep up with the other three. The flight seemed to start just fine, but at around :29 when I pushed the throttle up a bit the craft seemed to dip forward and to the left until it found it’s way into some tomato cages, which make GREAT quad catchers :wink:

I’ve posted the log file below and here’s a link to the VERY brief flight itself: VIDE1610 - YouTube

BTW - I’m using the current Jessie image listed in the DOCs. This build has had many previous and uneventful flights. What made this flight different, aside from the crash, was that I switched the motors from tmotor MN3515-15 400kv to tmotor MN3520-11 400kv.

00000017.BIN (236.0 KB)

You are right, you had some problem with motor 3 or ESC or propeller.
And I can see strange range of values RCOU

@aleksandr.zheleznov Thanks for taking a look at that. I’ve been thinking that it’s about time for an update to the ESC’s anyway seeing as they’re Afro 30a 6s esc’s running SimonK from a few years ago.

I have to apologize, but again I have zero experience in reviewing the log files so I’m uncertain as to what RCOU is or what a strange range of values might suggest. Any insight would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

For a start you may read this doc.

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