Trouble processing dji l1 data with rs2 data


It has been some months since i did a lidar drone flight as we are just getting out of winter in canada.

I did a trial flight yesterday with the dji m300 and L1
I set up my RS2 for the base and logged the data. though when i try to process the data in dji terra, instead of showing the flight images and location it shows as if there if one image taken and the location is wrong.

I did some testing in emlid flow last night april 10th but when i look at the saved log data it showed April 11th. Could this be my issue or us the reach standard in UTC time? can i adjust the time format of my reach?

Thanks in advance for you help.

Also the last time i used my rs2 i was learning ground control points and using a rs+ as a rover. I had not changed any settings yesterday on my lidar test flight. Am i forgetting to change a setting for this or does the rover use the same settings for working with the DJI m300 and L1 as it does connecting with the rover?

I have been and am still searching youtube to try and figure this out but i was hoping to get direct help on here :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with Terra. Are you using a PPK workflow?

Sorry Terra is DJI drone mapping/processing software.
Yes i was doing PPK.

I should say that I know about DJI Terra, but I have not used it or know it’s capabilities.

When you say

It sounds like you are having a problem with the drone images, not the RS2? You need to provide a bit more detail about what isn’t working as you expect.

Also, were you receiving RTK corrections to your RS2 as it was logging? Or, are you correcting your base observation by other means, e.g. PPP, CORS log, etc. ?

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I figured it out but it seems a bit strange.

Im quite sure i downloaded yesterdays reach logs but it actually downloaded logs from last fall… I even re downloaded the logs this morning and tried but had the same results. 3rd time i was able to download the correct files.

Glad you figured out the hiccup.
Still curious how you are correcting your base file, if at all? Maybe you are set up on a known point?

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Hi @eddyray,

I’m glad you were able to figure it out. Please let me know if you still need help on the issue you encountered downloading the logs. You can also send us a private message via email at Thank you!