Trouble getting single status after upgrading to 2.5.2

After upgrading from v0.0.3 to v2.5.2 I’m unable to get a single solution status from my Reach device. The LED stays green now where on the earlier version it would cycle through white->green->blue->green. Below are screenshots of my status and settings windows.

As you can see, the area I’m testing in isn’t great but on v0.0.3 I was able to get a consistent single solution and even float when the base station is set up. I tried lowering the mask settings with no results. Any thoughts?

Yes, Reach need to gain certain amount of signal to output a solution. And thats fair i think, as you dont want to use data collected from bad signals

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This is due to signal masking. Basically, we don’t use signals below certain configurable SNR level, because they might affect the solution in a bad way.

Thanks for the responses. Is the signal masking you’re referring to the SNR mask setting I have set to 10 (as shown above)? Or is there another mask variable? I’m just asking because lowering the SNR mask in the RTK settings wasn’t giving me different results.

I realize the signals are bad in this scenario but in v0.0.3 I was able to achieve a single solution in the very same environment. Even if it’s prone to large position jumps, I would like to have access to the data since I’m filtering it with other sensors on my rover (IMU, LIDAR, wheel encoders). This data is still very usable when implementing a Kalman filter. So, is the answer reverting back to an earlier image?

I checked the whole thing and it seems like there is something wrong with the way the SNR mask is handled. I’ll keep this thread updated.