Trouble Getting RTK Fix


I have been working with the Reach RTK devices for a quadcopter. I have been trying to get a good RTK fix that lasts longer than a few minutes. I have a few questions:

  1. What am I doing wrong with my configuration?
  2. What kind of accuracy/ error should I expect with this system (in real time)? The best I have seen on the Reachview app is +/- 7 cm.
  3. When the Reachview app shows Kinematic Fix, mission planner shows “rtk float” (and a status of 5). Is this correct? It seems like it should show “rtk fix”.

I have one Reach unit sitting on a tripod that I have configured as a base station. The second unit is in the quadcopter. The quadcopter is running an Navio2 autopilot. I use Mission Planner to inject the base GNSS observations into the MAVlink data stream. All the data/protocol links appear to be working correctly (the rover gets the base observations and Navio2 gets the corrected GNSS from the Reach.)

The base station has a nice ground plane (12 cm x 12 cm AL plate 1-2 mm thick) and is using a Tallysman 3710 antenna
The quadcopter does not have a ground plane but the antenna is Maxtenna Helical L1 Active M1575HCT-A-SMA.

Firmware image: ??? not sure where to find this. I updated to the most current a month ago.
ReachView version: 2.5.3-r0

Base station configuration screens:

Rover station configuration screens:

I’ve never worked with RTKLIB so I may have the wrong files attached for that but here they are:
I guess I am not allowed to upload attachments as a new user.

Here is a screenshot of RTKPLOT:

I would definitely get a groundplate about 10cm radius. Not necessarily to get better reception, but to shield antenna from interference. By quick googling the antenna, it doesnt look like to have a groundplate at a propper size.
Also upgrading firmware is a good idea too :wink: You upgrade firmare by connecting reach to a network with internet access

Found the answer to my 3rd question here:
Reach integration with Pixhawk Issues

Need to update ArduPilot.

We tested this antenna with quite poor results. Would not recommend it. Unlike the M1227HCT which is great.

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