Trouble getting Fix

Hi Team,

New to Reach RS, however having a play around and managed to get it working to collect some asbuilt data.

A question I have is, I very rarely am able to get a fix, almost always getting float. The Reach RS is connecting to a base owned by a company and its not too far away, maybe 1 km as the crow flies.

I notice that there is no consistency as to when I get a fix, sometimes its when I’m against a building other-times its when I’m in an open paddock. Is there anything I can do to guarantee a fix??


This is probably the most asked question here. I think we have all asked this? ; )

This will get you going, they recently made a good startup video also:

And searching forum here and lots of reading.


Also if you like us to throubleshoot, you can post a system report and a log from rover with the base data (or raw log from base).


Hi Alex,

Would be useful to see system report from the unit!

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