Trouble getting first fix

My new Reach M+ Seems to have a problem getting lock on its own when in RTK mode.

40% of my start ups using an RTK station 9.090 km away require me to go in (after 10 min of no position) select single, get a fix, then swich back to RTK. As this is going to be installed remotely I cannot have this as a default operating mode. Any suggestions?

Seems the reach M+ did not like my wifi network and would not reliably connect. With that fixed by connecting to a backup wifi network I can get a float position 90% of the time from start within 2min of startup, but FIX is a little more elusive.

The 2.11.1 software doews not incorporate the improvements in the AR seen in 1.13.2 DEV and there is no way to update to that version. So whilst my old reach RTK should be set with elevation mask of 10deg and Glonass AR set to on, my new Reach M+ must be set to 20 deg elvation mask and Glonass AR turned off.

I will not be passing any preconfigured units on to customers until the software on the reach M+ is updated. Any idea when this may happen?

Can you post an image of your antenna setup?

My newer version has a slightly stiffer groundplane, but you get the idea.

Double (or close to it) the groundplane diameter, and increase the distance to shell by 10 cm.
How is your SNR right now ? How many are over 45 db ?

Dream on. My ground plane is 9.5cm across and is at the limit of what I can put on the drone and not impact the flight characteristics. My SNR is pretty good with probably 30% of my signals over 45dB, 90% over 40dB.

The current static tests use the 9.5cm ground plane, but are not attached to the drone so blade reflections are not an issue.

I don’t think blade reflections is a concern, when the blades are made of plastic. RF noise from the Phantom are however.
Overall, the Phantom isn’t an ideal platform for something like this. It’s way too compact, and doesn’t leave much wiggleroom for expansions, without affecting flight characteristics in my mind.

Well, if you have a look at some of my earlier posts you will see that the Phantom 4 can deliver remarkable data. A small platform, yes, but very capable. and RF noise can be mitigated by aluminium foil.

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