Trouble connecting to Netgear N300 router


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I have a similar problem (Not the same but similar)

I have two new Reach RTK units running v2.9.0, with a wireless router Netgear N300
I have added a wifi network to each reach unit. called reach and reach1 (I changed this to avoid a hostname conflict).

If I connect via the reach hotspot, and then I hit connect in the browser for the applicable wifi, the unit closes down the reach hotspot and connects to the wifi as specified. But if I power down the reach units, and power them backup they fail to connect to the Netgear wifi. Therefore, the reach access point is started. I can then connect to the reach via the reach access wifi, then select the netgear wifi and connect, and it connects to the netgear wifi OK.

So how can I modify the setup to connect to the netgear wifi without requiring me to connect to the reach access point. From the documentation, the reach access point only enabled if the reach unit cannot connect to the nominated wifi network.
I dont change the configuration of the wifi I just select “connect” when connecting after a power down.

Any suggestions? Thanks.



Also forgot to mention,

The led is flashing solid blue, and then solid green when I do the manual connection to the netgear wifi. Which from the Reach docs is App Running, Wifi Client.


I believe you need to connect to the same network. which would be what ever the NETGEAR is called and this would be the same on both reach units. Reach and reach1 would be ok to use to name the reach module which would then be the name shown for there own hotspot. Some on else may explain it better.


Thanks for the suggestion Jim. However, it doesnt solve the problem I am experiencing.

"if I power down the reach units, and power them backup they fail to connect to the Netgear wifi."
The reboot to their own hotspot addresses, not the addresses from the netgear router with DHCP.
To connect to the netfgear router, I need to connect to the Reach Hotspot wifi, and then set the connection manually to the netgear. How can I get the configuration to remain?


Hi Tray,

I split your posts from the old topic and put them into this new topic, as this is a different issue.

I would recommend deleting all the WiFi entries and reboot. Then add your Netgear wifi again and reboot.

If that doesn’t work, then maybe the network configuration files are messed up somehow. If you are not familiar with troubleshooting Linux configuration files, then I would reflash one Reach first and see if it helps:

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