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I am getting started with reach rs and hope to get centimeter accuracy. One thought (to achieve faster fieldwork) was to use local RTK corrections service in rover without base.

If I want to set up rover to use NTRIP mountpoint - what mountpoint I should use, options tabel below.

And should it be the second correction input (first serial) or first one without serial.

thanks in advance

TVN_RTCM_31 will be your best choice. Enter the data in main(first) correction input.

I thought that also

But it gives me an connection error (101)

Is your Reach RS connected to Internet?

I think so, it is connected to iphone via wifi and iphone is connected to internet via mobile data and in Reach View I see background map (or is the map buffered).

Well the maps are being downloaded by your phone’s browser, not by Reach. When entering NTRIP details into ReachView, did it download available mount points, or did it show a “server unavailable”?

ok, thank you for the answer,
what can be the steps to ensure that reach is using iphone mobile data to be connected to internet.

First when I used alphabetical server address, it said server unavailable, but if I used numeric server address, then it did not show that. Mount point i wrote in the entry field, not choose from list (there was no list).

In conclusion I think, yeah, reach is not connected to internet, but how to connect reach to internet using iphone mobile data.

Seems like Reach isn’t online. Try to connect a laptop to your phone’s hotspot to see if the Internet connection is shared.

Create hotspot on your iPhone and connect Reach to it. After it everything will work.

Thank you Egor and Igor, if I connected separetly Reach RS to wifi, then I got it to work.

Here’s a recommendation to Emlid for reach view development, if could get connected to internet via usb or bluetooth, then it could be major battery saving. Or in reach view map uses mobile data internet without iphone hotspot, if this is possible, maybe it is possible ntrip to use also some kind of bridge. Must make it very comfortable, that it is very simple to use by anybody.

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