Trimble TSC3 and Reach

Greetings: Apologies if this has been discussed before. I have available a Trimble TSC3 controller. Is there a way to log RTK data by triggering it using the TSC3? I am so used to using the Trimble RTK system that I am having trouble visualizing using the Reach (although I can’t wait to get one!) as an RTK Rover.

You may be able to use serial but I’m not sure what protocol or message format would work. I believe Trimble access is phasing out serial comma to communicate with receivers

Nick: I have been running SCS900 but also have Access if I need it. I would love to be able to use a “controller” of some kind (Trimble or otherwise) to trigger a true RTK shot that can be used on the fly so to speak. What I see (likely my lack of understanding) is that the Reach module logs continuously and the only way to get a point coordinated is to stay stationary for long enough to recognize that in the logs. Please correct me if I am mistaken. Just trying to understand how I might be able use the Reach in real time, on-the-fly, as a survey tool.

Reach should function in RTK roving mode if you have a base or are receiving some type of corrections. Trimble receivers output GRS80 coordinates and the data collector is using the projections or site calibrations to give you you’re grid coordinates. If reach will communicate with the data collector and output GRS80 or WGS84 values I dont see why it would not work… however there is a lot going on in the process. When reach is back in stock I will be ordering one and I can use my TSC3 at work to try it out. Until then I can only speculate. I would not attempt it with SCS900 software because that program isnt really running projections, just a localization to coordinates supplied and performing a best fit. What version of SCS900 are you running?

Nick: I use SCS900 version 2.92 (because the interface is awesome. But, for site calibrations etc I use 3.6 (?) with the interface that was designed by a programmer and not a surveyor :unamused: The latest version handles calibrations etc more robustly.
Looking forward to hearing how your experiment with the TSC3 goes.

Has anyone tried this? I have a reach rs that I would love to get working in scs900