Trimble R9 Base and Reach RS2 Rover - Compatible? Any Success?


We are looking to purchase a Reach RS2 to connect to our current R9 receiver. We would like the R9 to be the base station and the RS2 to be the rover collecting ground control points for drone surveys.

Are there any known issues with this set up or any successes?
I’d appreciate any information, thank you!

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Hi Sara, welcome in the community :slight_smile:

From what I see on the R9 datasheet, this receiver tracks every signal tracked by the Reach RS2. So in theory you would take fulll advantage of the multi-band multi-GNSS feature. If you use the Emlid NTRIP Caster to bring the base corrections to the rover, you should be fine in this setup.

A feedback of a real experience by another user would be nice though.

Maybe you can borrow a unit from your local dealer to have a quick test also.


It can only work with ntrip fix, set the same constellations on both devices. You can do PPK by post processing both receivers using RS2 as a rover and Emlid Studio.


Hi Sara,

Absolutely agree with Florian. See no possible issues with such a setup. But still, a test won’t hurt.



Any updates? Were you able to get this to work with Trimble software?

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