Trimble Controller and Software With Reach RS+

Greetings: Wanting to try a Reach Survey setup (2 Reach RS+ units etc). I have 2 Trimble controllers:

  1. a TSC3 running SCS900
  2. a TSC7 running Windows with Trimble Siteworks (the new SCS900) and Trimble Access 2018

Will the Reach RS+ Survey setup work with these controllers/software combinations?

Primary use will be construction survey layout using RTK. Control will be a localized (“calibrated” in Trimble language) grid. Data will be processed in/out using Trimble Business Center.

How does Reach handle mediocre views of the sky (in the mountains)?

Any other issues you can think of?

Thanks in advance.

I guess it depends on the driver or setup of the RS+ receivers with your Trimble software. Does the Trimble software/hardware have any way of setting as NMEA? Can you use other brands and models of GNSS receivers with it? It may have a generic NMEA setting?

If you’re used to L1/L2 receivers. RS+ are L1 only.

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