Trimble CenterPoint RTX Processing with RS2

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has successfully been able change the header information for a RS2 base station log, so the rinex file is accepted for processing via Trimble CentrePoint RTX?

Thanks, Jason.

Not sure if anyone has tried. I am not sure if there is even documentation to assist in trying to do so.

Hi Jason,

RTX is a real-time PPP Trimble technology. However, real-time PPP services are not supported by Reach units at this stage.

You can use RINEX data from Reach RS2 in PPP services such as NRCAN and AUSPOS. You may check our guide on how to use Reach in such a workflow.

Hi @kseniia.suzdaltseva,

Thanks for the information on the NRCAN and AUSPOS PPP. While RTX is a real-time PPP service, we are hoping to use Centre Point RTX Post Processing - see the details here:

The issue is that Trimble have their own list of accepted receivers, of which the RS2 is not one. We were hoping that editing the header of the rinex file with a receiver that is accepted would get around this problem. The reason this would be useful for us is we have software which allows Centre Point RTX processing (PosPac) and were hoping that we could edit the rinex header which would save time in our workflow, rather than uploading the file to other PPP services. Ideally we would also like our base coordinates to be calculated in ETRS89, however, I will look at both of the services you suggested above.

Many thanks,

From what I understand, the service seems locked to Trimble and partner receivers only (like Spectra and Applanix).

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