Triggering the camera faster

Hello, i’m working with a Reach module and i would like to trigger a camera with it, the problem is that the software of reach only allows me to do it at a frequency of 1Hz (or a period of 1s). So, is it possible to do it faster? i mean for example a 10Hz (0,1s of period) or it’s just nos possible?

Unfortunately this is not supported as we can’t practically catch the camera feedback faster.

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Thanks for the answer. I do not need a feedback from the camera since we are catching the frames by another computer. Or you mean that the Reach needs an answer from the camera after each trigger?

Thanks again

Hardware-wise we can trigger faster, I will add this to our feature request list. How fast do you need?

Lets say that 10 Hz (0,1s period) would be good enough. So working below Reach view software, directly with the micro, it should be possible to do it?

Yes, but we have no instructions on how to achieve that :slight_smile:

Ok. we will probably work on it. Thank you!

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