Trigger camera switch with Navio2 and Mission Planner

I got the setup right in Mission Planner, using IO17/18 on the UART. I used tips from this thread

The cable for the shutter release uses the three wires, one ground, one to focus and third to trigger. When wiring focus and trigger cable and shortcut it with the ground cable the camera takes the shot.

Now, i haven`t actually wired all this together yet, i am missing some of the theory how the trigger cable and Navio2 is connected. Like do i need a relay between navio and the camera? or does IO17 and ground act like a switch, or is IO17 a pulse?
I didnt get much wiser reading the raspberry documentation on the GPIO pins

I could really need some one to shed light at this area so i dont send my stuff up in smoke :mask:

@TB_RTK what’s the camera model? Do you have any information about what kind of control it expects?

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